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2015 June 10 Hello, everyone! Apologies for my A-Kon delay~! I've just posted page 37, and we're back on our regular twice-monthly schedule now. Thanks for your patience!

*   *   *

2015 April 8 With my schedule opening up a bit, I now have more time to work on Ishea during the week. Because of this, the comic is now going to be able to update regularly -- twice a month! So look forward to the story moving along faster from now on. Thanks to everyone keeping up with Ishea so far, and I hope to bring you as much art as possible in the future!! Thank you!

*   *   *

2014 December 16 What an occasion!! I've been looking forward to this page since the day I started the comic! I now feel like the exposition is drawing to a close and the story has finally begun.

Thank you all, ALL OF YOU, so incredibly much for all your support and encouragement so far. I don't know how I've managed to keep going on this sometimes, but looking back at the first page and seeing how far I've come...I know I haven't been all alone. I've had wonderful friends and supporters (especially my loyal Isheans Lauren Atencio and Nine Harvey!!) that have pushed me to draw the next page, stayed up late with me while I worked on flats, bought Ishea merch, and motivated/yelled at me to keep drawing even when I didn't believe in myself.

For my little comic to tug at all of your heartstrings is my true goal, so I hope that you enjoy this page...and the many, many pages to come. Thank you all, and Happy Holidays!!

(Also, here's a picture of my puppy! Four months old now.)

*   *   *

2014 October 22 At long last, the Ishea online shop is finally open!! Come check out tons of cool Ishea stuff -- shirts, hoodies, iPhone/Samsung cases, tote bags, throw pillows, art prints -- I could go on! Check out the shop HERE:

Ishea Online Shop now open!

OPENING SALE!! All shirts and hoodies marked way down from now until the next sale. Also featured in the shop are some awesome My Little Pony stickers and iPhone cases, in case that interests anypony out there. Thank you for your support!

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2014 August 29 New social media outlets are in the works for all things Joss Day, not just Ishea! I'll soon have a new twitter, tumblr, and Facebook page for all of my art, though I'll still be keeping up with Ishea's Facebook page as usual, so no worries. All kinds of exciting things are in store for Ishea in the near future. Enjoy the new page today, and look forward to more fun things!

*   *   *

2014 February 1 Wow, life has been crazy lately! I've got myself a second job and have a full schedule now! Sorry, as usual, for the sporadic updates, but fear not, I am always thinking about Ishea! Lots of real life stuff has been happening and I could not be happier. I'm glad to be so busy. Hope everyone is having a great year so far!

*   *   *

2013 September 25 Page 20 is up, and the hiatus is finally over! Thank you all so much for waiting patiently! Keep checking back!

*   *   *

2013 July 29 This is my public apology to everyone for the unannounced hiatus I've been subjecting you all to. My software finally crashed and burned! It was outdated anyway, so perhaps it was just its time. I am indeed saving up for new software, and in the interim, I'm using the wonderful FireAlpaca to keep my hand moving. It may likely take some more time before new pages go up. Please feel free to keep in touch with the comic on Facebook and let me know what you'd like to see more drawings of in the meantime! Thanks for all your patience.

*   *   *

2013 April 2 With my 19th page of Ishea going up today, I'd like to take a moment to look back at how different this project is now compared to its humble beginnings. It's been just 19 pages, but I've learned more from this undertaking than anything like it I've tried to do in the past. I know I still have a long way to go, but it's nice to see how far I've come since the days of making roleplay posts and writing short chapters in notebooks.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been behind me on all this. This hasn't been easy for me at times, and sometimes I lose focus and confidence, or I'll doubt myself and get discouraged...but this story is for YOU! And I love you. And I hope you can get as much enjoyment out of my little story as I've gotten from writing and drawing it. Your support is invaluable! Thank you all so much!

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